Friday, February 17, 2012

Brine Spreading on Rt. 13 on a Sunny Day

I was driving towards the airport on Rt. 13 this afternoon at 1:30;  45 degrees, clear skies, clear roads....  And a NY State brine truck was spraying on Rt. 13 going south.  This is the second such episode I have seen (I also saw the one Jane reported on earlier on Rt. 96).  But before these two events, I have never seen any brine spraying in the 27 years I have lived here.

I wonder who paid for the fancy brine spraying trucks?


Spreading Brine on Upstate NY Roads

Recently people in Tompkins County have reported seeing NY State Deptartment of Transportation trucks spreading brine on State roads.   Where is it coming from? And what's in the solution that they're spreading?

Please help us track what's being done to the roads in Upstate NY.
  • If you see a truck spraying "de-icer" or some other liquid on our roads please report it on the Report a Sighting page.
  • If you call an authority to research what you've seen, please record what you learn on the Report your Research page